Here we go.

This is something I've been sitting on for a while.

If you've followed me in the past, you might remember that I would write on my personal blog every month or so.

A personal blog is amazing if you want to get started and put your name out there and create new opportunities for yourself, but it's also a little hard to scale. If you want to build a big business, it has to be built around you - and only you.

While I absolutely loved writing for it (and you'd be shocked at how much even blogging once a month can do for you), I knew I wanted to build something that had the potential to be greater than myself.

Maybe it's because there are so many 'internet gurus' out there these days, and I've almost become defensive about trying to pose as one of them. Follow some of the top business people on Instagram, and watch how many personalities suddenly start following you. They look something like:

Instagram scam

Now I can't know for sure whether this person has a legitimate business or is selling the dream, but... ok hahaha. I can't finish the sentence.

So whatever I was going to build, it had to be real.

"The North Star has to be truth."

- Gary Vaynerchuk

As I thought about it for a while, I finally figured it out.

At first, it'll probably look and function something like my personal blog. I need to lay down the foundation and start building a community of readers.

I won't be teaching the process of making $3k a day, but instead documenting my journey, relaying what I have learned from successful people, and sharing the tactics and tools that have worked for me. I will provide whatever value I can.

As time progresses, it'll become more than that.

In terms of content, I will build a network of contributors. People who have accomplished amazing things (this doesn't necessarily mean making the most $), and have a special skillset/mindset that they're willing to share with others.

On the back-end, I will build a platform that somewhat resembles an incubator (and not the type that hatches your eggs in Pokemon Go).

You see, I don't know if it's because I spend a lot of time in this space, but I've noticed an epidemic emerging.

It's called Consumptuitis, and results in a severe symptom of lack-of-execution-ua (not sure why that one needed to sound special).

Entrepreneurs and marketers and sales people are putting out great content, and it's getting consumed.. but there's little follow-through.

People are spending hundreds and thousands of dollars on a program that promises to teach them X, but then they spin out. Before the month is over, they're on to the next course; and the process repeats itself.

Motivation when taking a new business course

Courses can be helpful when learning tactics or just one thing at a time, but it gets trickier when trying to build a whole new lifestyle.

Building a business or lifestyles requires you to take hard, consistent action, and develop a portfolio of new habits.

It is very hard for a course or ebook or video to get you to do these things.

That's why my goal is to build a complete ecosystem. How can you increase someone's odds of success to the highest level, without actually building it for them?

I think it needs to be a mixture of providing the 1) knowledge, 2) community, 3) motivation, and 4) systems.

CWTM 4 elements

Many provide the knowledge. Some provide the community. Fewer provide frequent doses of motivation. Rarely do you see the systems.

Someone can tell you that you need to spend an hour each day building your business, but we both know how hard it is.

I've noticed that when you gamify, reward, incentivize, hold accountable, or even just bring out the competitiveness in people, the equation changes. It requires a lot less discipline.

So to wrap things together, the platform will look a little something like this:

  • Choose the type of business model you'd like to get into (sell information products, physical products, a service, an app, a Youtube channel etc)
  • A mentor, who has achieved success with that model, will lay down very specific steps & milestones
  • You follow the steps, and are incentivized to complete each one within a certain timeframe
  • You immerse yourself in a community who shares a common goal
  • You're given motivation each day to help keep you inspired

And this will all be built on the foundation of positivity and optimism.

The goal is to create meaningful businesses and inspire meaningful lives.

No more of this Thank God It's Friday BS. Friday is literally 1-6 days closer to our death.

We will fast track our way to the grave if that's what we look forward to each week.

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Thanks for reading!