Freedom, Fulfillment, and Purpose.

We’re a community looking to level-up our careers & build meaningful businesses. While everyone is thanking god it’s Friday, we can’t wait till Monday.

Sunny Trochaniak

Welcome to Can’t Wait Till Monday.

Hey, I’m Sunny Trochaniak, creator of Can’t Wait Till Monday.

I built this site for those of us who are looking for more out of our lives. Those of us who aren’t ok with sitting at a cubicle counting the hours until the weekend.

I know there are a lot of people on the internet who are ‘in this space,’ but this isn’t another one of those. I’m not going to teach you how to make a million dollars by teaching other people how to make a million dollars (and in effect, making a million dollars myself).

For now, it’s a platform where myself and others will be sharing our journeys. Not pictures of us with borrowed money or exotic rental cars, but the raw emotions, the tactics that are and aren’t working, and the insights we gain in the process.

This is just the beginning though. This is the Tesla Roadster to the Tesla Model 3. The master plan is to eventually help millions of people love their Mondays world-wide.


We’re out to break the trend.

Can’t Wait Till MondayTM is for those who are quietly at a crossroads in their life. While tomorrow the sun will shine and you will find yourself comfortably distracted by your daily routine, you catch yourself ‘thinking things over’ in your downtime.

This thinking isn’t just about what you’re going to have for dinner today; it goes much deeper.

‘Am I on the right path? Should I be seeking more out of my life? Or is this it?’

You went to school and got the degree and are in a position that most people would consider “successful,” but it still doesn’t feel like home.

The money you make from your full time job is great and you love the security of knowing you’ll be paid each month, but you wonder if this is what your life will be like for the next 40 years.

You wonder if this is what your life will be like until you’re old and in retirement.

Every time you open up Facebook or Instagram or Snapchat, it seems like someone is travelling the world and going on an adventure – and you wish that could be you.

But it isn’t, because you need to save up a bit more money and also can’t take time off of work right now.

You hate it because that was the same issue last year. And the year before that.

This realization has made you slowly grow more and more tired of the routine. You’re looking for ways to break out of it.

You realize that you’d going against the grain and that you don’t even know where to start, but that’s fine. You know your potential extends far beyond the level you have exercised.

You envision making an impact on the world. With everyone talking about change, you want to create it.

With all the negativity that surrounds us these days, you want to be the catalyst who comes in and reverses the trend.

You want to love your life, and you want to help others love theirs just as much.

If this sounds like you, join us using one/all of the options below!