It’s time for more people to get excited about Mondays.

Enough with this TGIF BS already.
Me in front of a lamborghini and mansion
LOL just kidding. This is an exotic car rental place that I took my family to 🙂

Helping online businesses grow by leveraging the latest tech.

Hey! I’m Sunny.

It all started on a warm spring day in 2013.

I was walking back to my 4 bedroom student house, having just completed my last ever college exam.

Aside from the relief of knowing I’d never have to write an exam again, I experienced a sense of freedom that I had never experienced before.

It was the first time in my conscious life that I had no obligations.

No class to attend, no job to report to, and nowhere I needed to be.

I remember thinking ‘heck, I could just lay on this patch of grass all day if I wanted to.’

Most of my friends already had full-time jobs lined up, but I was working with a clean slate.

This gave me the clarity to think about what I wanted out of my life.

I soon came to the conclusion that I wasn’t comfortable with the idea of counting down the hours until the weekend.

We have one life, and I’m almost certain that our purpose isn’t to dread 70% of it.

The TGIF lifestyle is the perfect recipe for feeling regret in your later years - as you lay there wondering where the time has gone.

So I made it a personal rule that I wouldn’t allow myself to subscribe to this lifestyle.

Whatever I was doing, I needed to be enjoying it.

If at any point I stopped enjoying it, I would move on.

Fast forward a few years...

It’s been a journey fulfilling the promise I made to myself.

I was a full-time digital marketer at an electric car startup for 3.5 years, and really enjoyed the challenge of helping grow a new company in a new market.

Eventually though I felt it was time for the next chapter in my life (damn millennials).

I wanted to build something for myself.

It took a couple years and multiple side-hustles to figure out what that thing was.

I asked myself the question “how can I best use my skills to do work I enjoy and create a meaningful impact?”

It became clear that I really enjoyed helping businesses grow using technology.

Business is my background, and playing around with awesome tech & tools is how I spend some of my Friday nights.

I love using tech to build beautiful brands, attract more visitors, turn visitors into customers, and turn customers into a raving fanbase.

I love using tech to optimize back-end processes, allowing you to scale easier and spend more time on high ROI work.

More importantly, empowering entrepreneurs is meaningful work to me.

I strongly believe that having more successful entrepreneurs makes the world a better place.

More entrepreneurs means more people deploying personal responsibility, more people solving big problems, and more people working in important jobs they enjoy.

That’s how fulfillment is created.

That’s how you get more people excited for Monday’s.

So how does Can’t Wait Till Monday help online businesses grow?

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