Use the latest tech to build an amazing customer journey, grow your business, & make an impact.

I help entrepreneurs grow their online businesses using the latest marketing tools & systems - without the headaches and overwhelm. Want to learn how?
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Hey, I’m Sunny. I love geeking out over cutting-edge software platforms and irresistible sales funnels.

It is my mission to help people live more fulfilling lives.

I believe entrepreneurs create enormous opportunity, so I feel that it is my personal responsibility to help businesses grow and create a greater impact on the world.

I’d love to help you leverage technology and spend more time in your zone of genius - so that you can build a business that funds an abundant lifestyle and/or influences millions.

Sunny Trochaniak
Sunny Trochaniak, Founder
  • Sunny is a rising star. If anyone brings him into a project, I would consider investing. He is THAT good.
    Ryan headshot
    Ryan Daniel Moran
  • What you did for performance and speed so far has played a crucial part in being up 115% from last year on Black Friday - Cyber Monday.
    Michael headshot
    Michael Mastropasqua
    Marketing, Ole Florida Fly Shop
  • Wanted to give a quick public shout-out to Sunny for setting up a (stupidly complex) set of automations that will optimize our membership experience and save me so... SO... many headaches.
    Teresa headshot
    Teresa Hawley
    Customer Success,
  • Sunny was critical in helping us adopt an inbound marketing approach to engage potential clients. It has changed the way we go to market and led to increased customer engagement, trust and sales.
    Eric headshot
    Eric Mallia
    VP of Sales, GEOTAB
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I want to grow my business.

Have your business bringing in new customers, but doing less than $50k/mth? Let’s work on setting up the systems that will help multiply your efforts.
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I want to optimize my business.

Doing more than $50k/mth? Nice work! I bet you there is some low-hanging fruit that can make a serious impact on your bottom line.
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